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  1. College social events
    Qwicklr features social events for colleges throughout the nation. You can find or post rush events, parties, sports, concerts and basically any event where college students gather.
  2. Financial Statement Analysis
    Learn how to interpret the balance sheet and income statement using financial statement analysis techniques.
  3. mba in marketing
    Your guide to college & degrees – Search for colleges based on your needs. Find your choice of degree and start college Now!
  4. CICU Spanish School
    Learn and improve Spanish in a relaxed way. Spanish courses for retired, professionals and couples with children.



You will likely be expected to write many different types of essays in your academic career. There are even some professions, such as grant writing, that demand essays to be written constantly. One of the first types of essays you will be expected to produce is an “informal” essay.

Research paper

A research paper, by necessity, is going to be longer than a standard essay. A research paper usually demands more time and effort as well. You can possibly be assigned a research paper in any class. They are most prevalent in History and Literature classes, but if one is assigned to do a Science project, a research paper is often required along with it.

Term paper

A term paper is likely to be the longest type of paper that you would be required to write outside of master’s and doctoral programs. The general purpose of a term paper is to show what you have learned during a specific period of schooling. It could be required at the midterm of a class or be the final project of a class.


In the process of writing a paper, there are plenty of mistakes that can be made. Most of these, such as putting a comma in the wrong place or misspelling a word, will lower your grade a little, but are perfectly forgivable. The one mistake that you never want to make is to plagiarize. Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work as your own without giving them any credit.